XPS SUMMIT insulation boards

XPS, or extruded polystyrene foam board, is a rigid polystyrene with high compressive strength. Its closed-cell structure provides excellent longterm thermal insulation performance because of its inherent resistance to moisture transfer.

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SUMMIT XPS Insulation Board Installations

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SUMMIT XPS Insulation Boards

Why is insulation important?

Be more energy-efficient

Summit XPS insulation board will reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling the home or working environment, and will help to maintain the specific temperature required in commercial and agricultural buildings.

Increase comfort levels

Insulation helps to maintain a uniform temperature (typically between 21ÆC and 28ÆC) in a home or office, producing a more comfortable environment for the occupants.

In this way, Summit XPS insulation board helps to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, lowers the carbon footprint of a building and helps to achieve compliance with National Building Regulations SANS 10400-XA. The gasses used in the manufacturing have zero ozone depletion potential, with no significant contribution to increasing the greenhouse effect. The product has an almost indefinite lifespan if installed correctly and will contribute to significant energy savings.

Save money

In addition to reducing the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature, Summit XPS insulation board has minimal recurring expenses. Unlike heating and cooling equipment, insulation is permanent and does not require maintenance, upkeep or adjustment.

Improve health and productivity of workers

Better thermal insulation reduces the build up of condensation, resulting in a healthier environment. In most commercial and agricultural applications, effective temperature control has an impact on production outputs and input costs.

SUMMIT XPS Insulation Boards
Summit XPS Insulation Boards


  • Summit XPS insulation board is a bulk insulator, used to prevent the transfer of heat through conduction and convection
  • The greater the thickness the more insulation Summit XPS board will provide
  • All other factors being equal, temperatures will be more stable in better-insulated buildings
  • Different climatic regions require different insulation interventions to achieve similar levels of comfort (as well as legal compliance)
  • Summit XPS board is a thermal insulation solution. It should not be used in isolation as a sound barrier. Consult a noise reduction system specialist

Contact us to determine the appropriate Summit XPS insulation board thickness for your application.

Summit XPS Insulation Boards
Summit XPS Insulation Boards


  • Store Summit XPS insulation board in original packaging, out of the sun and weather elements. Handle with care to prevent damage to edges
  • Always paint Summit XPS insulation board in applications where direct or reflected sunlight will fall on it, to protect it from UV rays (which accelerate the ageing process)
  • If painting, use two coats of good-quality water based matt PVA paint. The first coat should be an acrylic filler coat to cover minor surface indentations and imperfections
  • If leaving it unpainted, wipe Summit XPS insulation board with a cloth soaked in a softened water solution immediately prior to installation to remove static charges from the board’s surface

Summit XPS Insulation Boards
Summit XPS Insulation Boards


Thermal conductivity = 0.03 W/m.K

Density = 32kg/m³ – 38kg/m³

Standard Thickness R-Value
30mm 1.00 m².K/W
40mm 1.33 m².K/W
50mm 1.67 m².K/W
60mm* 2.00 m².K/W
70mm* 2.33 m².K/W
80mm* 2.67 m².K/W
100mm* 3.34 m².K/W

*Special Order Thickness

Summit XPS Insulation Boards
XPS Insulation Boards

How it is made

XPS board is produced during a continuous, fullyautomated extrusion process to create a fixed crosssectional profile. Solid granules of polystyrene resin are fed into an extruder, where they are melted and mixed with various additives (including fire retardant) to form a thick, viscous fluid.

A blowing agent, capable of producing a cellular structure via a foaming process, is injected into the liquid to enable its expansion. Under carefully controlled heat and pressure conditions, the plastic mixture is forced through a die into the desired shape, usually boards.

Once rigid, the foam plastic is trimmed to various lengths and thicknesses to suit most residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial thermal insulation requirements.

XPS Insulation Boards

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